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Tips for Better Liquid Eyeshadow Application

Liquid eyeshadows are a great way to get that gorgeous, shimmery look without the hassle of having to put on glitter and other eye makeup. They’re also perfect for those days when you don’t want any bolder colors like black or brown around your eyes. But if you’ve never used them before, it can be tough to figure out how best to apply them properly. So here’s our guide with some tips and tricks for better liquid eyeliner application.

We’ll be going over tips and tricks to help you get the best application possible! So whether you’re looking for a subtle everyday look, or something more bold and colorful, we have some ideas that will work for you.

Pretty ways to wear liquid eyeshadow

Many people think of liquid eye shadow as the most difficult way to apply eyeshadow. But with these five easy steps, you’ll be on your way to having a gorgeous look in no time.

  1. Start by priming your eyelid with an eye primer. This will help prevent creasing and ensure that your makeup stays on all day long.
  2. Apply a dark base color onto the lashline, then blend it outwards towards the outer corner of your eyes for more intensity.
  3. Fill in any gaps between colors using a lighter shade, this is also good if you want to soften or lighten any harsh lines left behind from darker shades.
  4. Take one drop of liquid liner and draw along the upper of your eye.

eye shadow application

How to apply liquid eyeshadow

Do you want to know the best way to apply liquid eyeshadow? Follow these simple steps. First, make sure your eyelids are free of any other makeup products by washing them with soap and water or using an oil-based eye makeup remover. Next, shake your liquid eyeshadow well before opening it up. Then take a clean brush and dip it into the product. After that, use the outside edge of the brush to gently tap around your upper lashes line, then go back in for another coat on top of that one until you get the desired intensity of color that you want! Finally, let dry for five minutes so it won’t smudge throughout the day.

We all know what it’s like to spend hours perfecting our makeup only to walk out of the house and have an eyelid smudge or mascara running down our face. I know, I’m one of you! That’s why today we’re going over some quick tips for better liquid eye shadow application so you can get back to enjoying your day with minimal maintenance.    The first step is choosing a good-quality eyeshadow primer that will help your shadow stick in place. Next, apply a thin layer of eyeshadow base on the lid up to the crease for even coverage without gaps. This will also help prevent fallout from occurring throughout the day. You can then go in with your chosen shades by using different techniques.